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Dr. Abby Aronowitz Presents... Your Final Diet
Imagine life without obsessions about fat and body image.

"Ideal weight is achieved by living a relatively healthy lifestyle. It is not defined by a number on the scale or an unrealistic cultural ideal. Let's finally become our personal best... And stay there!"

In her new book, Your Final Diet, Dr. Aronowitz, discusses "healthy junk foods," using chocolate to suppress appetite, and how to end diet mania in overweight America.

"A well adjusted secure feeling will replace highs and lows of failed diets."

You will learn how to:

• Manage sugar, carbs and fats instead of bingeing or depriving.
• Personalize your food plans.
• Reinvent sexuality; "thin" does not equal sexy!
• Become good role models for children with food and body image.
• Overcome pressure to be unrealistically thin.
• Learn to cope and what to eat.
• Eat Chocolate to curb your apetite.
• Shop from a list of "Healthy Junk Food".

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